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Our services include buying unwanted jewelry, repairs, & cleaning

Sell Your Jewelry

Selling Your Scrap Gold

What is scrap gold? Scrap gold can be old gold jewelry, dental fillings, gold nuggets, dented gold coins or other broken scraps of gold. To sell scrap gold, your gold will be evaluated and priced according to the karat of each piece. The karat or purity of the gold is measured as 10k, 14k, 18k or pure gold which is 24k.

The gold experts at Comfort and Son Jewelers can also tell if the gold is just plated- you may be surprised if this turns out to be the case! Then the weight of the gold is determined and is measured in grams. To find the price it is worth, the gold dealer will multiply the price per gram times the daily price that gold is trading at and offer you a very fair price. It’s that simple and straightforward and our experts perform these tasks right in front of you in just 10-15 minutes.

Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Selling your personal jewelry can be an emotional and intimidating undertaking. Very few jewelers have the experience, expertise or the financial resources to pay a fair market price for fine antique and estate jewels. Choosing a reputable jewelry buyer to navigate you through the course of action is the most important aspect of the jewelry selling process.

Comfort and Son Jewelers offers the highest credentials, knowledge and longevity. And we offer the widest marketplace and most attentive personal service anywhere. We guarantee a pleasant and successful jewelry selling experience.

Repair Services

Everyone has their favorite piece of jewelry – your precious wedding band, that bracelet you wear every day, a necklace with a special meaning behind it. Wearing your jewelry can cause normal wear that can sometimes lead to larger problems. Maybe a stone has fallen out, perhaps your band is wearing thin or your necklace clasp is no longer working. These issues are easily solved in the jewelry repair department at Comfort and Son Jewelers.

With full-time goldsmiths on staff, Comfort and Son offers full-service jewelry repair on location, not sent out to a 3rd party repair service. Relax and know that your jewelry will not leave our store and will be handled with utmost care in our new state-of-the-art repair shop.

Cleaning Services

It is important to remember that jewelry looks its best when cleaned of scuffs, dust and dirt. Too many people wear jewelry every day without thinking about cleaning it. Would you trust your expensive suit or evening gown cleaned in the washer at home? No. So bring your jewelry in to Comfort and Son Jewelers where it can be cleaned by a professional jeweler. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Your diamonds will sparkle again, your gold will glow and your silver will shine like the day you purchased it.

If you have a beloved piece of jewelry that you don’t wear anymore because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle or your current fashion outlook, bring them in for a consultation with our custom jewelry design department. We would love the opportunity to create something new for you that you would be able to wear and pass down to future generations.

Do you have a question about our jewelry repair or cleaning services? Use our contact form to ask us a question online or call or visit our jewelry showroom today.