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One Charm for Every Unforgettable Moment


From its beginning, PANDORA jewelry was created with the customer in mind. The company offers versatile, sophisticated pieces – charm bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings – in 14K gold, sterling silver and some with semi-precious or precious gems. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted and finished, and many can be personalized to reflect one’s own personal style.


New Collections

PANDORA’s designers are constantly dreaming up the next design to reflect a woman’s innermost desires. New collections are introduced four times a year.
Anniversary Collection: To celebrate its first 25 years, PANDORA issued its special anniversary collection in October 2007. This limited-edition line, which is now retired, consisted of a necklace, ring, pair of earrings and charm. The exclusive collection is crafted in 14K gold and fitted with a total of .25 carats of diamonds on each piece as a symbol of PANDORA’s quarter century in business.

Mix & Match

In the spring of 2008, PANDORA introduced the Mix-and-Match earring collection to the North American market, consisting of interchangeable hoops and charms. The collection offers a selection of ten hoops made of sterling silver or 14k gold that, together with more than 80 different available charms, will allow women to find their “inner designer” by creating an extensive number of possible combinations. The collection debuted in Europe in 2007 and has had enormous appeal.

At the Height of Fashion

PANDORA has a loyal customer following and demand for its products has grown continuously since its North American introduction in 2003. PANDORA has become so popular that it was recently voted the “Hottest Brand” by industry publication In Store in2008. From its unsurpassed workmanship to its stylish design, PANDORA jewelry lets each woman create her own signature style. To learn more about upcoming collections and see the full line, visit PANDORA-Jewelry.com.



How long has the company been in business?

PANDORA was started by a husband and wife team, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen, in Denmark in 1982. Today, the company employs approximately 1,200 individuals and is sold in more than 20 countries around the world. PANDORA launched its jewelry line in the United States in 2003. In 2008, PANDORA was named the “Hottest Brand” by INSTORE magazine.

How is the PANDORA charm bracelet different from other brands?

Unlike traditional charm bracelets, PANDORA charms are threaded in the center and can be easily twisted onto the bracelet by the wearer in any arrangement desired, without the need for soldering. The design allows for the charms to move freely and rotate slightly with the wrist’s movement, creating an eye-catching effect. The bracelets can be personalized by the wearer through the addition of more than 800 charms, one for every unforgettable moment in a woman’s life. The charms are crafted entirely by hand using only 14K gold and sterling silver, some accented with precious stones. Several charms are handcrafted of famous Murano glass.

What other types of jewelry does PANDORA make?

PANDORA’s Danish-inspired design can also be found in its innovative collections of necklaces, rings and earrings. New collections are introduced quarterly.

Is there a warranty on purchases?

A one-year warranty covers anything that is a manufacturer’s defect. This includes defective clasps, loose bracelet threads and missing gem stones. General wear-and-tear and improper cleaning are not covered.

What does PANDORA jewelry cost?

PANDORA jewelry is an affordable luxury that can work within every budget. For example, charms range from U.S. $25 to more than $500, Canadian $30 to $1,300 depending on whether they are crafted from sterling sliver or 14K gold and include precious gems. Rings also start at U.S. $25/ Canadian $30 and earrings are available from U.S. & Canadian $35. Pieces from the 18k gold LovePods collection range from $160 dollars for pendants to $1,600 for diamond-encrusted rings.

Where is the jewelry produced?

All of PANDORA’s jewelry is designed by its in-house designers in Denmark and then handcrafted at PANDORA Productions, its privately owned production facility. The factory employs more than 1,000 highly skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths to perfect every design into a beautifully treasured piece.

Are charms ever retired?

Yes, occasionally a charm is retired. In that case, the item is no longer produced. There is possibility that an item will be still be available, contact your local dealer to find out which items are retired.

How does my PANDORA purchase support the community?

PANDORA takes great pride in its philanthropic efforts. Its Charmed Giving program supports several national charities and international causes, including generous contributions to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the Canadian Breast Cancer Association, the Institute for OneWorld Health and Habitat for Humanity, the latter through the Hurricane Gulf Coast recovery efforts to aid those who were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina. The company also partners with Glamour magazine’s Glamour Fund to help support Empowering Hands, an organization that heals and rehabilitates former child soldiers and their families in Uganda.

PANDORA has committed to donating more than $460,000 to these and additional organizations. The company also encourages its retailers to donate its jewelry to support local community causes, such as events to raise money for schools, charities and service organizations.

Additionally, PANDORA supports Glamour’s “Women of the Year” Awards. These annual awards honor extraordinary and inspirational women from a variety of fields, including entertainment, business, sports, music, education and politics. The winning honorees are given a PANDORA bracelet personalized with charms to reflect their personal style and achievements.

In the past, through the sale of the “Angel of Hope bead,” PANDORA supported the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund after Hurricane Katrina. PANDORA donated $100,000 in 2006 and $315,165 in 2007 to the fund, which was used to meet the immediate and long-term needs of Mississippi for years to come. The Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund is a nonprofit organization established to serve as a means for corporations, organizations, and individuals to donate money, goods, and services toward the recovery effort in Mississippi.